Imagine, your child just turned 18 and they suffer an injury that requires surgery. They’re still on your health Making decisions for your kidsinsurance and they’re still in high school, but you can’t access the records or make any of the decisions. Seems crazy, but it’s true.¬†Once your child turns 18 they are legally an adult and in order for any health care providers to give you any information, your child must consent to them speaking to you about it. This is more true than ever because of all of the HIPPA privacy rules that all healthcare providers must follow.

You want access? You want to help in the decision process? Have your child execute a Designation of Health Care Surrogate (DOHCS). This legal document authorizes you to have access to all of the medical records and to have input in the decision, but make sure the DOHCS allows you access and to make these decisions even if your child is conscious and capable of making their own decisions.