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Starting a Business – Incorporation


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Dowd Law can start your corporation or limited liability company today! We can handle everything over the phone, by video chat, or in our office in Brandon. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. All credit card payments are processed online using a secure third-party vendor, Law Pay, approved by the Florida Bar association.

Incorporation Business Laws

Businesses are governed by a lot of regulations. Regulations can come from city, county, state and federal governments. The can affect every aspect of your business, and ignorance in business is not bliss! It’s expensive! Very expensive!! Create a plan. Develop a list of questions. Learn about incorporation. And, schedule an appointment with Dowd Law!

Filing Articles with Florida

Filing the articles of incorporation with the state is the easiest part of forming a corporation, LLC, PA, PLLC or non-profit. Thanks to, filing articles with the state has never been easier. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the significance of their choices and neglect the “meat and potatoes” portion of incorporating. Most of all, they fail to appoint a proper registered agent, and fail to create organizational minutes, and stock certificates. They also fail to obtain a corporate book and a corporate seal. Furthermore, those that are setting up limited liability companies usually fail to create an operating agreement. Let us take the worry out of setting up your corporation, LLC, PA, PLLC or non-profit. Visit our office, or set it up today over the phone.

Choosing the Right Entity

Need help deciding which entity is right for you? Let Jeffrey Dowd guide you. He has been practicing business law since 1996 and has helped several thousand businesses get started. As a SCORE Certified Business Mentor, Mr. Dowd is much more than a business attorney. He is a trusted advisor that can help guide your business from startup to sale. Furthermore, we can act as the Registered Agent and use our address as the Registered Office for your business entity.

S corporations, C corporations, LLC’s, PLLC’s, PA’s and non-profits all have different purposes and benefits. Knowing which is right for you may depend on a number of factors. To find out the differences between some of the different entities download our FREE comparison chart. If we setup your entity for you, a consultation with Mr. Dowd is included in the cost and we act as Registered Agent and Registered Office for FREE until the due date of the first annual report. If you just want to get legal advice to see which entity is right for you, schedule a 15 minute phone consultation with Mr. Dowd for only $75.00.

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Getting Tax Numbers and Licenses

Starting a business also requires you to get tax numbers and licenses. The tax numbers and licenses required vary by business type and location. Federal, state, county and/or city governments may require different tax numbers and licenses. Some of the more common tax numbers required include a federal employer identification number (FEIN), state sales tax number (DR-1), and a state unemployment tax number. The only licenses that are typical of most businesses are county and city occupational licenses. The rest vary greatly based on the type of business.

Get Help with Every Step of Incorporation, or Only as Needed

We handle every aspect of a small business from incorporation to sale, and everything in between. Our goal is to be there when you need us, whether its helping to educate and inform or to take care of the work for you. We focus on the business of law, so you can focus on your business!

A successful business doesn’t usually happen by chance. It requires a lot of planning and financial analysis, regardless of whether you are a for profit corporation or a not for profit corporation. Once the planning and analysis are complete, it’s time to start the business. While many believe that filing articles with the state of Florida is the creation of the business, it is only the start. Starting a business in Florida requires much more.

FREE Incorporation Legal Advice

Once you get your business started you are going to be flooded with questions. Don’t guess, wait, or take a chance! Sign up for our General Counsel Service and get FREE advice all year long from an experienced business attorney for only $249.00.

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