Dream of Owning a Business?

Owning your own business is an exciting prospect.  Especially if you are connected to a good Small Business Lawyer.   If starting from scratch seems daunting, consider buying a small business. It’s a solid option with benefits. You get an operational business with staff, clients, and established practices.

Consider the Challenges

Be aware, buying a business means inheriting its issues too. It’s complex and demands time and resources. You must ensure the investment is sound and promises growth.

Increase Your Success Odds

Success comes from due diligence. Research and fair negotiation are key. In Florida, hiring a business lawyer is a smart move.

How a Business Lawyer Can Assist

A business lawyer aids you in several ways:

  • Business research
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Seller negotiation
  • Contract handling
  • Favorable provision negotiation
  • Sale document revision
  • Business registration with the state
  • Licensing assistance
  • And more!

The Role of Dowd Law

Jeff Dowd of Dowd Law can ease the research process. He will guide you through due diligence. This includes business valuation and legal compliance checks. Buyers often need help with understanding the information. That’s where we come in.

Your Partner in Business Purchase

From the start, Dowd Law can be a trusted partner. We assist with compiling necessary information and help you understand it. Concerns? We negotiate and find solutions. We’re with you every step, even post-purchase.

Why Choose Dowd Law?

For small business purchases, expertise matters. Dowd Law offers over 25 years of business law experience. We provide personalized services to fit your needs and budget.

Local Legal Experts

Based in Brandon, Florida, Dowd Law serves the local community. Whether you’re in Brandon, Riverview, Tampa, or nearby, we’re here for you. For consultations, call 813-773-3529 or visit our consultation page.