What to Know When Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney

Depending on your circumstances, planning your estate might be quite simple. Sometimes all you need is to prepare your last will and testament. Other times you may need to prepare revocable living trusts or other contingencies. Despite that, estate planning is about more than the simple preparation of documents. You should treat estate planning as a long-term process to protect yourself and your loved ones. In the event that something happens to you, you will want to know that people will follow your last wishes. In addition, while estate planning law tends to be the same in every case, not all attorneys are equal. You’ll want to keep these points in mind as you move forward.

Does Your Attorney Specialize in Estate Planning?

A single missed signature or overlooked word can completely alter a last will or trust. Other generalist attorneys who treat estate planning like an afterthought can miss this. The specialists at Dowd Law Firm have the specific experience needed to meet your needs. Our estate planning professionals will give this issue their full attention and expertise. Our experience in a wide range of fields helps us detect potential problem areas in the process.

How Much Experience Does Your Attorney Have?

Founded in 2000, Dowd Law Firm has served the Okaloosa county and panhandle area for over 20 years. Newer law firms or those with less experience won’t have the skills to form an airtight estate plan. Our attorneys have decades of experience with Florida state law, including estate planning.

How Close Does Your Attorney Work With You?

Some estate planning services only put words on paper and treat the process like busywork. They fill out a universal form for every client and move them through as quickly as possible. This is the wrong approach. Everyone’s end-of-life goals and situations are different. This is why a counseling-like service is preferable.

At Dowd Law Firm, we place a strong emphasis on family values and professionalism. Our consultation process is thorough enough to work out your needs and expectations. By providing legal counsel instead of simple legal opinions, we walk you through step by step. Every step comes with options and expert strategies to protect you and your loved ones.

How Well Informed Are You?

When you speak with an estate planning attorney, you should have many questions. For example, what happens to your debts? What about divorced spouses? Can I protect my loved ones from losing my inheritance? All these and more are important areas to consider when planning your estate. However, if you speak with an attorney and walk away with more questions than answers, you should stop for a moment.

At Dowd Law Firm, we will discuss every option available to you and inform you every step of the way. We want you to come away from your experience empowered and protected. Ask us about funding your estate plan in the event of a death or disability – This ensures your assets go where YOU want.

And, most importantly…

Do You Trust Them?

Estate planning is more than covering a loose end. The attorney you choose is in charge of everything you have and everyone you love. Your attorney will have to ensure that your assets go where you intend them to. Your attorney’s involvement is essential to protecting your loved ones. You want an attorney who will carry out your will to the letter. Do you trust your attorney to do that?

Know that you can trust Dowd to do all this and more. Call us today for a consultation, and start the process the right way.