Not all attorneys are SCORE mentors. Only small business lawyers who are dedicated to going above and beyond for their clients earn the title of SCORE mentor. Small businesses need guidance from startup-up to full operation. Entrepreneurs and business owners understand the time involved in business education. For these individuals, a mentor can mean the difference between success and failure. Today, we’re looking at SCORE and the benefits of a certified SCORE mentor attorney.

Business startups can struggle for many reasons. Generally, a major reason is a lack of education. That doesn’t mean that the owner doesn’t have a degree. It means that he didn’t receive the guidance he needed to excel his business. Education in this article refers to information that the owner sought out for business success. That includes online courses, blog posts, how-to guides, books, and industry advice. SCORE mentor attorneys have plenty of knowledge about how to help a small business succeed.

Firstly, SCORE does not endorse this article. Additionally, this is not a paid advertisement. All information about SCORE and its services can be found here.

At Dowd Law, we care about small businesses. Our job is to provide tool and services so that a small business has the greatest chance of success. Speak with our SCORE certified attorney through general counsel for ongoing support in building your business. Call today to schedule your consultation.


SCORE is a leading authority for entrepreneurial skills and small business education. The organization makes a vast majority of its information available through expert volunteers. Volunteers dedicate themselves to providing education and mentorship to those business owners who seek it. Through a mentor program, you can receive direct advice in reference to your particular business. A certified SCORE mentor can lead you through a startup process or help an existing business.

Counsel At Dowd Law

Jeffery Dowd is our certified SCORE mentor at Dowd Law. As an entrepreneur in Florida, he has collected years of expert knowledge to share with business owners. Better still, as an attorney Dowd can provide the legal counsel a small business needs to navigate the complexities of business law. Business owners often seek out small business attorneys to ensure legal compliance in operations and documentation.  After all, just how many people know how to write contracts?

All things considered, Dowd law couples the knowledge of law and business education. Together, you are provided with the information to questions about employment contracts, operations management, legal junctions, mergers, and more. Dowd Law even offers services for documentation creation such as employment contracts and non-compete agreements. General counsel is a great way to receive that amazing SCORE mentorship and legal support all at once. With this service, an attorney can provide support at different stages of your business journey.

We look forward to helping your business succeed. Remember, documents like the employment contracts are measures of protection for yourself and your employees. Dowd Law can make sure that these documents meet your needs and satisfy any legal precursors. Contact us today to get started on the road to success.