E-commerce is becoming increasingly important. As the entire world becomes more and more dependent on the internet, customers are increasingly looking online for the products they want. This shift makes internet companies increasingly important. Buying a business requires a lot of planning and research, but there are a few aspects in which buying an online business differs from the takeover of brick and mortar businesses. Read on to learn tips on how to handle an online business purchase.

Market Research

Buyers of companies can never spend enough time researching their chosen sector. They cannot start too early either. Here also applies: “Knowledge is power”. The more the buyer knows about the market, the better he can respond to certain consumer needs and the better he can run his business. It is also important to keep an eye on sites of potential competitors. The buyer can often learn a lot from this. What are they doing well? What are they doing not well? Think for example about innovation, marketing and sales strategies.


An online business is usually sold at a price of 1 to 2 times the annual turnover. For a lower amount, the owner won’t even consider selling his business. Therefore, buyers should think carefully about what they want to spend on a business purchase. They need to make sure they research what kind of company they want and how much it can cost in total. If the purchaser doesn’t have this amount of money, which is almost always the case, he can look for financing to ensure that he can continue the business takeover. The purchaser needs to ensure that he knows what he is getting into. It is advisable to study the terms of such financing thoroughly, especially when looking elsewhere than a bank.


Buying from an internet company, it is very important that the buyer knows exactly what he is buying. Since it is an internet company they are looking for, the purchaser can simply search the information in the same way as his “potential future” customers: Via the internet. Buyers should research how the website works, which social media accounts there are and what reactions customers have given to the company. What are the relationships of the company, what do customers think of the company, how often is the website visited and what target group is being tried to reach? These are all important aspects of the company that should be taken into account in case a someone plans to shop for an internet company,

Is Everything Up To Date?

Buyers must remember that certain assets are required to realize the purchase when buying an internet company. Therefore, buyers should check whether all necessary equipment is present. Are all systems up to date? What about the tech skills of the employees? In other words; is the company able to function properly and compete with other companies? It is important that buyers don’t skip such things. If the buyer is not such a computer wizard himself, it’s smart to hire someone who is so they can help. What they absolutely should not do is think that it is not so important and that everything will be fine when the takeover is complete.


All online companies must of course continue to maintain their website. Therefore, it is key to find out how much time the current owner spends on maintaining the website before purchasing it. In addition, the buyer needs to determine whether he can do this himself and be honest with himself. It is always better to hire an expert who can deal with this in time than to try something which has the possibility to fail.