About Registered Agents in Florida

When you’re learning about how to start a business, you’re bound to learn new phrases. One phrase that catches people off guard sometimes is “registered agent.” There have been people who have gotten cold feet just at the thought of needing one… And in Florida, you do need a registered agent. What is a registered agent? Is this person an employee? How much do they cost? Why does Florida require registered agents?

This article will cover what Florida registered agents are, how to choose one, and why you need one.

What is a Registered Agent in Florida?

No matter what state they’re in, Registered agents are individuals or entities that serve as your business’ point of contact. If the State of Florida needs to send you mail or communicate, they do so through your registered agent. They do this for things such as filing your Florida Annual Report. They also receive correspondence related to any lawsuit involving your business.

Because of these important functions, Florida requires every business to have a registered agent. This is true even if you’re a single-member LLC. Florida isn’t alone in this requirement – Most states demand the designation of a registered agent. Other than receiving mail for a business owner, they keep your business compliant. If there’s a legal notice or annual report that needs filing, they let you know. You can expect registered agents to relay legal documents, government correspondence, tax forms, and more.

Can You Be Your Own Agent?

You can appoint anybody – Even yourself – As your registered agent as long as they meet some criteria. For example, in Florida, a registered agent must be 18 years of age and have a current street address in the State of Florida. PO Boxes cannot be used as the registered address of your registered agent. Your registered agent must also be available during normal business hours. You could serve as the registered agent, choose somebody else in the company, or even offer the position to a friend or family member. Many businesses, however, elect to use a professional registered agent service.

Should I Use One?

It depends on the needs of your business, and not all registered agent services are created equal. Though the benefits on paper always sound nice, some companies can fall short or hide hidden fees. A good registered agent service will keep a compliance calendar and ensure your company stays in good standing. This helps you keep your limited liability protection as an LLC.

In most cases, you should note that a Registered Agent will cost between $50 to $350 annually. Contact our experts if you need more information about this process.

What Does a Good Registered Agent Do?
In addition to grabbing the mail and keeping in touch, registered agents should provide certain services. You should expect convenience, as registered agents perform tasks that might be another time-consuming job in the day. Registered agents should also provide privacy and discretion. Finally, they should be flexible enough to work with you and meet your business needs.

Get Help Forming Your LLC
While some people opt for working through registered agent services alone, this isn’t ideal. You’re likely forming your first business. You won’t know what to look out for or how to protect yourself from potentially costly mistakes. You can visit our website to learn more about business formation, but the best thing you can do is work with experienced business law professionals. This is the best way to ensure compliance and good standing with your new company. Call us today; we’re here to help.