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Waypoint Property Inspection, LLC

I’ve had the opportunity to have Jeffrey Dowd assist me with business concerns several times over the years. This review is based on the latest consultation/work completed by him. I had a client issue that I needed to legally respond too in a clear, concise and timely manner. I called Jeffrey and was literally in his office 5 minutes later – that quick. The attributes that most impress me about Jeffrey are the:

  1. Ability to fully listen and understand, then ask meaningful questions to ensure we are on the same page.
  2. Ability to review his notes in a clear and concise manner to make sure the needed point are covered and addressed- which was greatly appreciated.
  3. Ability to respond efficiently, incorporate my feedback to ensure all points are covered the response, again greatly appreciated.
  4. Ability to keep me in the loop with outgoing and incoming communications dealing with the issue.
  5. Ability to be reached and/or respond in a timely manner.

Again Jeffrey showed all of these attributes with this issue, and I am grateful to have him represent my business and me.

Bob B.

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