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Lawsuits and Business Disputes

The law reaches virtually every corner of a business and if you’re in business long enough you will be involved in a lawsuit related to your business. Lawsuits can involve disputes with employees, customers, vendors, contractors, partners and landlords…to name a few. Most disputes will relate to a contract, but the law related to each issue and each contract can be very different.

Litigation, mediation and arbitration

Lawsuit and Disputes

A thorough well-written contract can usually avoid litigation, but where the contracts are poorly written or not written at all, the chances of success become more difficult and more of a guess.  Depending on the reason for the lawsuit, or the amount in dispute, a lawsuit can get very expensive and if it’s based upon a contract and there is no attorney fee provision for the prevailing party, you are likely going to pay your own attorney fees even if you win.

The best way to avoid lawsuits is to have a business attorney, familiar with all aspects of business, that can advise you on all legal matters and not leave anything to chance. Also avoid the guess work associated with your contracts and have them prepared or reviewed by an experienced business attorney, that knows the questions to ask, to make sure your agreement thoroughly protects your interests.


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