Trust Your Life With Jeffrey Dowd

Trust Your Life With Jeffrey Dowd

Plan your estate in Brandon, FL

Do you wish to leave your estate and personal assets to your significant other or your children? Get everything you own – your car, home, checking and savings accounts, investments and life insurance – organized into an estate plan. Prepare your estate plan with The Law Office of Jeffrey Dowd in Brandon, Florida.

Plan today and worry no more

Jeffrey Dowd will help you with:
  • Trust wills – To prepare trust provisions and to avoid occurring estate taxes. Dowd will make sure that someone is watching over the money or property that is in the will.
  • Complex wills – This type of will includes tax planning for your estate, creating a joint will with your spouse or determining what should be done with your businesses.
  • Living wills – Set up details regarding health care surrogates and power of attorneys should anything happen to you to and you can’t make a decision. Dowd will make sure your healthcare, property and finances are protected.
  • Insurance wills – Ensure you’ve got health plans to cover long-term care costs through Medicare or Medicaid. Dowd will help you get the additional assets to qualify for health insurance.

Choose the right attorney for your estate planning. Jeffrey Dowd will sit down with you to discuss your estate needs. Call now at 813-773-3529 and receive a free half-hour consultation.