Avoiding Probate ... If you can!

Avoiding Probate … If you can!

By Daryl Binkley, Esq.

“There’s hell, and then there’s probate.”
From his book “Asset Protection 101”

To me this is a joke that makes me smile and cringe at the same time.  In the text, Mr. Childers goes on to add that “thanks to the probate process you probably wouldn’t wish the job of executor on your worst enemy.”  Yet individuals who have a modest amount of real property titled in their name alone, and procrastinate away their estate plans, will lead their loved ones straight to a government-imposed estate plan in a system, that’s well, a hell. Read More ….

Party of One: Setting Up Your Single-Person Corporation

If two’s a bit too much company for your business, the solo route could help you maintain control while offering valuable personal-liability protection.

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Estate planning can be very inexpensive and extremely beneficial, and NOT having an estate plan can be very expensive and extremely problematic.  Read More …

There never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all that needs to be done. Time is a precious commodity and making the most of it requires efficiency and effectiveness. There are many things you can do to make the most of your time, from starting your day with a “To Do List” to habits that help maintain your focus.

11 ways to avoid distractions and stay focused in 2017!

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